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Overview – Airport Operations Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) operations module offers comprehensive analyses to COO’s and senior operations executives to enable them to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver a compelling passenger experience. The Airport Analytics (AA+) operations module covers all areas concerning airport operations including passenger traffic, Airport Operations Analytics, air traffic movement, on-time performance, terminal activities, resource utilization, aviation safety and others

Airport Analytics (AA+) Operations has following sub-modules:

Core – ATM, PAX, OTP, Leaderboard, Safety
Wait times analysis
Airport resources utilization
Terminal and Airside
Aviation Safety
Fire Management

Airport Operations Analytics
Airport Operations Analytics
Airport Operations Analytics
Airport Operations Analytics

Air Traffic Movement Analytics

The objective of GrayMatter‘s Airport Analytics (AA+) module is to ensure growth in air traffic volumes year-on-year. The analysis dwells on identifying factors which have been causing growth or decline in the volumes over a period of time. Following are the key insights of Airport Analytics (AA+) operations sub-module:

Tracking and analysis of arrival ATM as well as departure ATM
Comparison of ATM across time periods with growth/de-growth trends
ATM by continents, top 5 countries and top 5 cities
ATM by top 5 aircraft types
Month on month comparison of ATM for both scheduled and non-scheduled flights
Analysis of number of destinations, number of departure passengers, number of transfer passengers, with growth stats
Drill-down to airline and flight numbers

Passenger Volume (PAX) Analysis

Airport Analytics (AA+) helps you analyze the passenger traffic to maximize airline capacity utilization and enhance revenues! Using Airport Analytics (AA+), the airport management is able to identify the count of different types of passengers passing through the airport and track the changes in the passenger counts during different periods of time. Following are the key insights:

Passenger volume for current period , comparison with last period, growth trends
Passenger volume by terminal along with comparison of current period with last period
Passenger volumes by airlines, aircraft types and destination along with historical data comparison
Airline market share analysis
Seat load factor analysis

Wait Times Analysis & Airport Resources Utilization

Airport Analytics (AA+) helps you increase operational efficiencies through improved resource utilization! Cut down on processing, clearance, queuing and wait times to enhance passenger experience and ensure complete adherence to SLAs

Terminal Operations Analytics

This deals with the allocation of airline check-in counters, gates for departing flights, baggage-belt allocation on arrival of flights and allotment of aircraft parking stands. The monitoring of these resources on a dynamic basis enables optimal allocation of the same. One can use this Airport Analytics (AA+) operations sub-module to find the percentage utilization (both in terms of percentage time as well as percentage number of passengers/flights handled).

Leverage Airport Analytics (AA+) to improve passenger experience!

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Air Cargo Analysis

Airport Analytics (AA+) operations air cargo analysis module provides periodical study of volumes and kinds of both domestic and international cargo being handled at the airport is necessary to consider providing infrastructural facilities in the cargo terminals to help the business. Such facilities not only enhance customer satisfaction but also improve airport cargo revenues. The most prominent insights of Airport Analytics (AA+) Operations sub-module are as follows:

Cargo volumes for current period, comparison with last period, growth trends
Terminal wise cargo volumes along with comparison of current period with last period
Cargo volumes by airlines along with historical data comparison
Analysis of domestic and international cargo volumes along with period-wise comparison
Category-wise analysis of cargo

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