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Overview – Airport Survey Analytics

This Airport Analytics (AA+) module is designed to provide an understanding to the airport management on how to increase passenger satisfaction and improve business performance. This survey will also help in bench-marking and comparison of performance against other airports, thus enabling airport management to take suitable operational and strategic decisions to serve their passengers better. The GrayMatter Airport Survey Analytics solution is offered on the cloud and provides the capability for online survey filling as well as comprehensive analysis of the data collected.  The Airport Survey Analytics includes analyses based on overall survey scores, as well as detailed drill down analysis by survey groups as well as by parameters constituting the survey groups.  Following are the sub-modules of Airport Analytics (AA+) survey module:

Airport Service Quality Survey
Airport PAX Survey
Commercial Audit
Employee Satisfaction Survey

Airport Analytics (AA+) - Survey Analytics
Airport Survey Analytics
Airport Survey Analytics
Airport Survey Analytics


Analytics to cull insights from airport and airline reviews!

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Airport Service Quality Surveys

Airport Analytics (AA+) quality surveys are conducted by a number of institutions, e.g., ASQ Survey Programme of ACI is a leading survey. Airports world over are measured in terms of ASQ scores for their quality in performance of their service to customers, as per ACI Standards. This Airport Analytics (AA+) ASQ survey is held every quarter and the airports are ranked accordingly. The scores rated by the customers in the quarterly survey are on a scale of 1 to 5 in respect of 34 parameters identified by ACI, covering all aspects of airport services. In addition to quarterly ASQ surveys of ACI, the airports conduct other Passenger satisfaction surveys periodically.

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