Airport Predictive Analytics

From Insight to Foresight!

Overview – Airport Predictive Analytics

Your Airport business is competitive and dynamic. Proactive decision making is a boon; while insights give you the pulse of your business, its foresight that sets you apart. Presenting the predictive capabilities of Airport Analytics (AA+) to help you in your journey. GrayMatter’s dedicated Airport Predictive Analytics team of data scientists use a host of data science techniques like cluster analysis, regression, association rules, factor analysis, forecasting and many more to deliver predictive insights!

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Use Airport Predictive Analytics to Address Key Business Challenges!

Airport Predictive Analytics

Optimize your Airport Retail Revenues

  • Trend and correlation analysis of store size and revenue per departing passenger enables right sizing of stores
  • Customer profiling to determine preferred class of stores and locating stores accordingly
  • Reallocation of gates based on passenger profiling can enable stores to get traffic with target customer segment
  • Analysis of customer demographics and purchase preferences to enable correct store mix and hence accurate product mix at the airport

Maximize your airport car park revenues!

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Turbo-Charge your Passenger Experience!

  • Video analytics solution to determine average number of people in a queue and average queuing time to
    • Provide proactive updates to passengers on expected wait time
    • Set up new counters to improve service efficiency
  • Refined solution to remove any false detections by doing a “congestion analysis” thereby delivering an accurate solution
Airport Predictive Analytics
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