At GrayMatter there are some values we live by and then there is the mission formula designed for success not only at work but day-to-day living as well. We not only promote but invest a lot of time and effort to ensure open and honest communication at all times. Team members are encouraged to express their views freely to create a work culture of collaboration and teamwork where innovation thrives. We have a stimulating and lively infrastructure, with a lively social calendar, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to build meaningful relationships. Something keeps happening every Friday! Something keeps happening Majorly once a month! Something Big happens once a quarter! And something Majorly Big happens once a year!

Remuneration is part of attracting and retaining high performers, and at GrayMatter we have a remuneration structure which is unique, challenging and satisfying. What is more interesting is the intangible benefits experienced by our people over the years leading to a redefined outlook towards life in itself.

In short@GrayMatter we care what happens in your life and not just what you do at work!

Career Management
Our career management program incorporates a performance management system, career guide and training program. All team members are reviewed once annually and provided with personalised career planning advice through one-on-one mentoring and coaching throughout the year. We’re also committed to a high level of training in soft skills as well as requisite technical upgrade to meet both the individual’s career aspirations and the business needs.

Job Satisfaction
At GrayMatter careers nobody talks about job satisfaction, it is a given they only talk about new ways to safeguard a healthy work-life balance as a team. We are blessed with a healthy retention rate and are quite simply a great name to work for!

Current Openings

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