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GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics (AA+) solution delivers pre-built, enterprise-wide, role-wise, actionable insights to airport operators. Airport Analytics (AA+) enables business users to do historical data analysis with role-based intuitive and insightful dashboards. Airport Analytics (AA+) drives real-time data-driven actions to optimize operational performance, reduce wait time, forecast passenger and baggage flow. Airport Analytics provides what-if modelling for revenues, operations, forecasts and so on with its high-end statistical models.

AA+ is a truly path-breaking solution in the wider subject area of aviation analytics. Globally leading airports have acknowledged the same by implementing the AA+ solution. AA+ not only helps in airports business but also enables mutual business interests of airports and airlines by providing suggestions on most suitable airlines to host at an airport, inputs on strategies to retain and grown business with airlines with new routes, greater frequencies of flights etc. The solution also has a ground handling analytics module which directly impacts the airline performance in terms of turnaround time between touch-down and take-off, service quality provided to passengers in terms of baggage handling and on-time delivery, bus service from aircraft to airport and vice-versa and others. There are several other illustrations to this effect, including operational metrics like air traffic movement, on-time departure and arrival etc. which serve as inputs for airline performance.

AA+ enables optimal usage of the airport data assets to derive accurate, timely decisions at a very high return on investment towards the product. GrayMatter’s AA+ Airport Analytics has been built on a modular design round various functional areas like Commercial, Finance, Operations, Airline Marketing, Infrastructure, Car Parking, Ground Handling, Survey Analytics, Human Resources and Environment and Sustainability. The AA+ solution offers a truly comprehensive picture to aviation analytics professionals.

AA+ delivers a compelling value proposition to airports through its comprehensive coverage enabled by deep domain experience and solid technical skills in analytics and business intelligence. Depicted below are the key differentiators of the solution:

The tremendous coverage of AA+ solution is also reflected by the fact that the solution encompasses 10 modules, 48 sub-modules, 100+ dashboards, 450+ KPIs, 20+ predictive models and 50+ connectors to source systems. This BI & Analytics content repository is expanded and enriched on a continuous basis through adaptation to evolving market dynamics globally across geographies, airport segments and specific airport end users.

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The Airport Analytics Solution being pre-built is usable off-the-shelf and incurs a significantly total lower cost of ownership as compared to a custom-built solution. In spite of this the solution is customizable according to specific business needs and scalable to match up to evolving business trends.

The points below call out some of the salient features of AA+

  • Full range of dashboards, reports, statistical models for predictive analytics, extractors for all major airport source systems
  • Single unified architecture covering all the elements of Airport Analytics (AA+) like Reporting, Dashboarding, Ad-hoc Analysis, OLAP/Cube Multidimensional analytics, ETL Tools, Data Mining, Pre-built data models and pre-built BI contents along with planning and budgeting capabilities
  • The Airport Analytics Solution offers the capability to display consolidated information across multiple airports under the  management, wherever applicable
  • Airport Analytics (AA+) also provides the self-service capabilityto  business users to do their own ad-hoc analysis
  • The solution supports the calculation of derived metrics that are normally unavailable in the data source, for the purpose of comparison or analysis
  • The principle of the Four Ws (What, Where, When and Why) has been kept in view while designing the solution. It is expected that when the user navigates, she can easily identify pain areas or areas of improvement and be better placed to address the issue effectively

Predictive Analytics as a part of AA+

Another notable aspect about AA+ is that it includes the latest in advanced aviation analytics. Some of the typical use cases addressed by the solution include maximizing airport retail revenue through passenger segmentation and mapping to matching store and product category. Related analytics include positioning store in such a way that maximizes relevant passenger traffic into the stores. Another use case is minimizing queuing time for passengers with the help of video analytics. Car Park Revenue Management (CPRM) is another module of the AA+ solution which helps in dynamic car park pricing to attain optimal occupancy and maximum car park revenue.

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In summary, AA+ offers a holistic, insightful solution to key executives at airports, thereby enabling them to make on-time, accurate business decisions. The following customer success story for one of the leading global airports depicts the value added by AA+ to airports businesses

AA+ Customer Success Story


  • Numerous disparate data sources with no single source of truth
  • Lack of reconciliation of linked data across departments, with no unified BI platform across the enterprise
  • Lack of dynamic insights with only monthly static reports in place
  • Lack of accurate tracking of productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Need for monitoring and control of financial health
  • Limited airport surveys analysis with no comparison with peer airports


  • Consolidated data from sources like SAP, AODB, Space (commercial) and other systems to create highly scalable Enterprise Data Warehouse on MSSQL server
  • GrayMatter implemented Operations, Finance, and Commercial modules of AA+ as part of phase 1 on SAP BO 4.1
  • Unified enterprise-wide view with dashboards and reports including real-time insights
  • Exhaustive analysis of passenger survey data (ACI ASQ and airport’s own survey OGSC), both in terms of ratings and the respondent levels


  • Single version of truth for entire enterprise with cross-linked insights across departments that supports accurate & timely reporting and analysis
  • Increased efficiencies leading to the reduction of passenger wait times
  • Detailed store-level analysis leading to enhanced revenues
  • Insightful analysis around key financial metrics and ratios ensure proactive actions to maintain financial health
  • Exhaustive survey analytics leading to enhanced insights on passengers’ perceptions
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