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This Airport Analytics (AA+) module is designed to support an integrated view of the workforce, including various analyses necessary to include staff movement and performance, workforce attrition by department, workforce performance by department, compensation etc. Airport Analytics (AA+) solution provides insights on distribution of resources, analyses by different job role levels in the organization, by different functional roles, employment categories, locations, age & gender. Following are the sub-modules:

Policy Admin & Compliance
Compensation & Payroll
Talent & Learning Management
Employee Self Service
Performance Management

Airport Analytics (AA+) - HR policy Dashboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Recruitment Analytics
Airport Analytics (AA+) - performance Analytics
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Time Management

Policy Admin & Compliance

Airport Analytics (AA+) solution provides Analysis of utilization of policies by different employee categories as well as to evaluate the financial implications of these policies


By using Airport Analytics (AA+) Solution, all the relevant KPIs for the recruitments like the percentage of hires from different sources, no of applicants, cost of recruitment per hire, offer acceptance ratios etc. are analyzed for several groups in different departments by age, by gender, by job role functions etc.

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Talent & Learning Management

This Airport Analytics (AA+) module also gives metrics relating to the management of talent available in the resources as well as the training needs and costs thereof, for the personnel. The participation in various kinds of training and their effectiveness are tracked for different classes of employees.

Performance Management

This Airport Analytics (AA+) sub-module provides the analysis of KPIs relating to appraisal process including number of employees eligible for Performance Management Process , goal sheets analysis during annual/ mid-year appraisal, percentage of employees falling under different performance ratings for a given year.

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