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Overview – Airport Finance Analytics

GrayMatter‘s Airport Analytics (AA+) Airport Finance Analytics is a critical module concerning the airport’s revenues, costs, profitability, payables, receivables, assets, profitability and key financial ratios. It is a compelling solution for CFO’s and key finance executives of airports to take informed decisions based on the company’s performance and overall financial health.

Airport Analytics (AA+) Finance module has following sub-modules:

Core (GL/AP/AR/ Financial Statements)
Assets Management
Procurement & Contracts

Airport Finance Analytics
Airport Finance Analytics
Airport Finance Analytics
Airport Finance Analytics

Airport Revenue Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) solution involves in both aero and non-aero revenues that collectively boost the company’s top-line. The key analyses include:

Revenue variance against plan
Revenue trend across time periods including Y-o-Y growth
Revenue per person, per sqm, per flight departed / arrived
Revenue by top 10 airlines, aircraft types, sectors
Analysis of revenues from duty-free shops (DFS), non-duty free shops, car parks, utilities, advertising
Analysis of cargo revenues

Airport Expenses Analytics

This enables analysis of all the expense heads including drill-down insights for the different cost categories. The Airport Analytics (AA+) key analyses include:

Expenditure variance against plan
Expenditure trend across time periods including y-o-y comparisons
OPEX per person, per unit weight of cargo
OPEX by cost type, cost center and segment
Analytics for infrastructure set up costs, repair and maintenance expenses

Benchmark your financial health compared to peer airports!

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Financial Ratios Analytics

Analysis of key financial ratios enable monitoring of financial health of the organization. The Airport Analytics (AA+) key metrics include the following:

Liquidity Ratio
Asset Ratio
Profitability Ratio
Debt Ratio
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio

Airport Finance Analytics

Asset Management

Analysis of the fixed assets portfolio of your organization to track, insure , audit and comply to regulatory needs. Some of the key areas of Airport Analytics (AA+) solution analyses are:

FA schedule and Lapsing Scheduling
Risk coverage of fixed assets
Fixed assets turnover ratio
Trend Analysis
Audit & Compliance analysis

Treasury Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) provides visually intuitive drill-down analysis on treasury including following areas:

Portfolio Concentration
Capital Management

Track and analyze your contract payables, receivables, expiry dates, renewal notices

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