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Overview – Airline Marketing

Airport Analytics (AA+) Airline Marketing module is essentially used by the Airline Marketing team. Our team has to constantly monitor the performance of airlines operating at the airport to meet the needs of passengers as well as customers in the cargo terminals. The analysis of airlines in terms of their market shares, passenger shares and the cargo volumes handled by them will assist the airline marketing efforts to promote their airport to attract more airlines, to increase frequencies of flights of operating airlines, open up new routes and connect newer destinations. The following are the sub-modules of Airport Analytics (AA+) Airline Marketing module:

Core Airline Marketing
Competition Benchmarking
Transfers Analysis

Airport Analytics (AA+) - Air traffic Analytics Dashboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Cargo Analytics Dashboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Transfer Analytics
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Leader Board

Core Airline Marketing

The performance of any airline may be assessed for any period of time and compared with any other airline to understand their comparative ranking for any performance attribute, be it number of flights or passengers carried by them, on time performance of flights to justify their slot allotments, revenues generated for the airport and occupancy of flights in different sectors of their flight operations. Airport Analytics (AA+) solution helps the airline marketing team to take well-informed decisions on slot allocations which is always in demand for an airline at the airport.

Competition Benchmarking

This Airport Analytics (AA+) sub-module gives the comparison of airports using parameters such as air traffic movements, revenues generated, cargo volumes and passenger numbers. Data is leveraged from databases made available by international agencies like the ICAO, IATA and ACI

Use Airport Analytics (AA+) Leaderboard to compare Airline Performance at your Airport

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Route & Airport Transfers Analysis

Airport Analytics (AA+) provides analysis of direct and transfer passenger volume and the city pairs of flights transiting through the airport hub by airlines, by origin-destination pairs, by no of passengers in transit between city-pairs. The solution also offers analysis of transfer passenger volumes by routes, by no. of legs on the route. The analysis also includes day of the week-wise transfer passenger volume trend

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