Technical Architecture

Airport Analytics (AA+) is an analytics and reporting solution designed to fulfil all the information needs of Airport industry. The solution is technology agnostic and works seamlessly with all leading platforms like SAP, Oracle, Pentaho, Microsoft and so on. Airport Analytics (AA+) solution comprises airport-specific enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence suite, incorporating an integrated stack of sophisticated components like score-carding, dash boarding, ad-hoc analysis, actionable reporting, advanced analytics with data mining engines and data integration.

Data Model

The Airport Analytics (AA+) data model consists of the following

Staging Area
Data warehouse
Data Marts

From the source systems, data is extracted and staged in the Staging Area for cleansing & transformation in order to map it to the airport data model in data warehouse. Cleansed & transformed data in the data warehouse holds historical data for low level analysis. Data from the data warehouse is aggregated into relevant marts for high level analysis

airport analytics

Data Integration

The approach as defined below is used to load all the relevant data from enterprise transactional systems and 3rd party sources in the data warehouse and accessed through Airport Analytics (AA+) platform. The key benefits of this data integration approach are:

All complex computation logic will be handled in the ETL processing
The master and transaction data load automation is scheduled based on the customer OLTP timing & data volume
Maintain alert mails for success and failure of jobs/process chain
Schedule Automated reports for data profiling, data quality and data validations

Airport Analytics (AA+)

Deployment Strategy

While deploying Airport Analytics (AA+), there are a number of options. It is necessary to make sure that right choices are made for deployment in order to meet requirements, such as, is the system easily maintained, is it resilient, is it secure, does it support planned user base and can it be easily expanded to accommodate additional users. Clearly 3 different deployment modes emerge whereby the Airport Analytics (AA+) system can be deployed across different numbers of physical servers for different type of environments like Development, UAT and Production.

Learn more on the 3 deployment options

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