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Overview – Airport Ground Handling Analytics

GrayMatter‘s AA+ Ground Handling Analytics includes all activities from touch-down to take-off including baggage, bussing, catering, crew transport, GPU, fueling, loading, towing, ramp activities etc. This module of AA+ provides analytics around ground handling with an objective to achieve the magic triangle of quality, productivity and profitability. Airport Ground Handling Analytics has following sub-modules:

Bus Performance
Ramp Handling
Baggage Services
Terminal Services

Airport Analytics (AA+) - HR Dashboard
Airport Ground Handling Analytics
Airport Ground Handling Analytics
Airport Ground Handling Analytics

Why Ground Handling Analytics?

Fluctuation in workload leads to scenarios wherein employees are under-utilized. This leads to overstaffing, higher costs and lower bottom line
Inaccurate estimation of resource requirement at different points in time leading to scenarios where demand exceeds availability of resources causing issues in quality of service delivered leading to increased incidents of SLA breach per month
Lack of visibility to airline-wise, flight-wise resource utilization levels leading to inability to optimize resource allocation and maximize profitability leading to decrement in bottom line

Leverage Airport Analytics (AA+) to determine resource demand at various points of time to enable the following:

Deployment of resources according to shift-wise needs
Utilizing surplus resources for alternate areas of work; promoting multi-skilled resources
Deploying resources in core-flexible model to meet demand and control costs
Optimal deployment of equipments, according to demand
Meeting demand accurately to prevent quality issues due to under-staffing
Determine and enhance airline-wise, flight-wise profitability

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Resource Utilization

Learn how to optimize resource allocation using Airport Analytics (AA+) covering areas like monthly productivity and shift-wise utilization at airports

Baggage Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) provides analysis for volumes of baggage – originating, terminating, transfers, oversized – with respect to terminals, airlines, destinations across time periods. The solution also provides analysis for volumes of mishandled baggage, reasons for mishandling. Airport Analytics (AA+) also provides real-time baggage dashboard that enables the ground handler to arrange for accurate transfer of baggage from terminal to terminal during shorter connection times. This module provides insightful analysis on first & last baggage on belt by cities, airlines, flights etc.

Benchmark ground handling performance against peer airports

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Bus Performance

Leverage Airport Analytics (AA+) to analyze bus on-time performance (OTP) across time slots, flights, origin and destination. Identify specific time slots when the KPIs are not being met

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