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Overview – Infrastructure

Airport Analytics (AA+) Infrastructure module is essentially used by the Chief Infrastructure Officer and other engineering heads of different disciplines (like Airside, landside, terminal facilities and projects etc.). The objective is to track projects (long-term, medium-term, short-term) from the perspective of budgeting and execution. This module covers all the important KPIs of airport Infrastructure to present a complete picture across the different kind of projects (operational, commercial, utility, transport, sustaining capex). This Airport Analytics (AA+) solution has following sub-modules:

Project Management
CAPEX Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) - Infrastructure Dashboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - project management dashboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Environmental Management
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Waste Product Dashboard


Performance of all facilities on the air-side, terminal and land-side as well as the various installations of utilities (like Air-conditioning, mains and auxiliary power supplies, sewerage treatment plants, etc.,) in terms of serviceability index, preventive maintenance index and corrective(break-down) maintenance index. Airport Analytics (AA+) helps to the technical monitoring of all systems in IT infrastructure deployed for any utility in any area of airport functioning like the CPU utilization, data storage etc., on real-time

Project Management Metrics

Airport Analytics (AA+) offers analytics to track and assess the project progress and to identify the time and/or cost overruns, if any and the reasons thereof. It will also show the items of project which are on critical path for the user and information related to the same

Benchmark infrastructure performance against peer airports

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CAPEX Analytics

All the assets (movable or immovable infrastructure assets) which have outlived their declared useful life and where it is not economically prudent to extend its life by impressing more maintenance expenditure, are highlighted for analysis. Airport Analytics (AA+) solution is expected to assist the management of an airport to take decision on replacements of assets wherever necessary.

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