Airport Analytics (AA+)

GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics (AA+) is a pre-built Enterprise-wide solution for Airport Operators consisting of in-depth analytics for all areas of airports business by integrating data across 20+ airport systems into centralized data warehouse. Airport Analytics enables business users to do historical data analysis with role-based intuitive and insightful dashboards. Airport Analytics (AA+) drives real-time data-driven actions to optimize operational performance, reduce wait time, forecast passenger and baggage flow. Airport Analytics provides what-if modelling for revenues, operations, forecasts and so on with its high-end statistical models.

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Why Airport Analytics (AA+)

ROI driven solution proposition

Airport Analytics (AA+) Solution

Airport Analytics (AA+) Modules

The Airport Analytics solution is designed with a modular approach to meet the specific information needs of different business areas in an airport. The capabilities of AA+ solution, lead to tangible business benefits like reduced passenger wait time at airports, improved aero revenues, enhanced non-aero revenues (retail sales, retail rentals, car parks), improved maintenance of infrastructure, increased engagement with airlines, improved ground handling services, elevated passenger experience through feedback analysis, improved energy & water efficiencies and so on. AA+ is a comprehensive airport data analysis product that delivers the above business outcomes through a blend of the specific value propositions of each of the 10 modules of Airport Analytics (AA+) solution listed below:

A Complete Airport Analytics Solution

GrayMatter understands the complexities of running a Commercial Airport with in-house domain experience of over 100 man-years and Business Intelligence (BI) experience of over 500 man-years. Our Airport Analytics solution addresses all the pain areas, capturing and analyzing all available data/information and enabling fact based decision-making to users, besides enabling smart report structures. AA+ encompasses a complete Airport BI solution providing enterprise-wide, role-based, actionable business insights enabled by a mix of deep domain knowledge driven airport bi consulting and cutting-edge airport data analytics. The depth of airport analysis in the solution also reflects in the fact that AA+ covers 10 modules, 48 sub-modules, 100+ dashboards, 450+ KPIs, 20+ predictive models. GrayMatter has an impeccable track record of successfully implementing this comprehensive airport analysis product at leading global airports.

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