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Ultra-Short-Term Passenger Forecasting at Airports


Airports business is complex and fast evolving. As an airport operator, one of the key business outcomes you would like to monitor very closely is passenger experience. The state of operations at various touch points in an airport involving wait time, queuing time, baggage processing, car parking impact the overall passenger experience.

In this blog, we shall focus on queue time optimization to enhance passenger experience by easing the passenger journey at an airport. Queue time optimization is required at following touch points:

  • Check-in counters
  • Security gates
  • Immigration check gate

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Due to continuous increase in passenger movement and limited resource availability at airport, forecasting passenger movement helps in better resource planning. Effective ultra-short-term passenger projections go a long way to enable queue time optimization at the touch points mentioned above. Outlined below is the ultra-short-term projections solution:

  • Daily projection- Forecasting passenger count once in every 5 minutes for next 8 hours at various touch points to plan out resources and their availability at any given point of time
  • Weekly projection – Forecasting passengers at the beginning of the week in days and hours for the whole week
  • Consider load factors, passenger volumes, transfer percentages and airline data
  • Account for effects of holidays / weather / terminal moves / sporting events etc.
  • Use knowledge, intuition and past experience of passenger volumes at various points of time
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