Store Sense

What makes Store Sense peerless?

Store Sense is equipped with features that positions it as the leading choice to deliver the business benefits listed above. The image below depicts the key features that differentiate Store Sense.

store sense peerless

How Does Store Sense Work?

does store sense work

Store Sense extracts sales data from POS machine as well as passenger demographics data from boarding pass / passport scanner, if the airport wishes to do so. The data is passed on to data collection server from where data is passed on a) to billing module for further processing and income computation, b) to analytical system to generate business insights. The device works on LAN, WiFi and Mobile networks.


Software Version of Store Sense

There is a lightweight software alternative to the IoT device version. Choice of IoT or software version depends on customer requirements and preferences. The software is agnostic to type of POS and comes with built-in auto retry mechanism in case of network failure or if collection server is not available. The only key technical requirements are as follows:

  • .NET 2.0 framework
  • Whitelisted access to Data Collection Server

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Data Capture Variants

Store Sense comes with comprehensive capabilities to capture POS data from POS in multiple ways as follows:

File format extracts
UI-based uploads
Web services interface
Web services interface
Transaction log
Transaction log feed from POS
Connector to centralized database
Printing and scanning digital receipts

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