Meet AA+ delegates at ACI Gold Coast!

18- 20 April 2016
Gold Coast, Australia

The 11th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference and Exhibition will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre located in Gold Coast, Australia on 18-20 April 2016.

GrayMatter delegates would be attending the event and would be happy to address questions and discussions around the Airport Analytics (AA+) solution.

GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics (AA+) provides vital insights into the airports business across functional areas like operations, commercial, financial, airline marketing, infrastructure, ground handling, survey analytics, car park revenue management, human resources, environment & sustainability. In less than 3 years, globally reputed airports have started using our product:

  • Stuttgart International Airport, Germany
  • Montreal International Airport, Canada
  • Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, Jordan
  • New Delhi & Hyderabad International Airport, India and more….


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