Airport Industry Exchange

Airport Industry Exchange Germany
October 1st - 2nd, 2015
Walldorf, Germany

SAP and GrayMatter are jointly organizing the Airport Industry Exchange which is going to be held at SAP Walldorf, Germany from 1-2 October, 2015

The purpose of the event is to share knowledge and best practices on how to better shape industry solutions and services for airports’ technology needs. The exchange will be an erudite forum of seasoned professionals who would deliberate on the nuances of Business-IT strategy that Airports around the world should consider adopting.

GrayMatter will present its Airport Analytics solution (AA+) and share knowledge with the audience on how to maximize the leverage that an evolved, mature enterprise-wide analytics solution offers for airports. The planned event agenda is as follows:

1. Strategy of SAP in the airport industry
2. Internet of Things (IoT)
3. Big Data
4. Airport Analytics (AA+) by GrayMatter
5. Customer Presentations
6. Cloud
7. Business Network
8. S/4HANA
9. Passenger engagement and Commerce (CEC)

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