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Boost non-aero revenues through smart advertising


A focus on non-aeronautical operations and revenue growth is crucial for airports today. Developing this area of airport operations has become even more important during economically challenging times. Although airport revenues are a function of number of passengers there are some areas of an airport’s non-aeronautical operations that can still generate a high percentage of earnings, despite a decline in traffic figures. Airports know that they can’t increase fees for Airlines, and thus they need to find innovative ways of increasing non-aero revenues. The future of Airports is to build Airport cities cum malls, where not only passengers, but the whole city the Airports serve can come for an outing into the malls, cinemas and entertainment areas.

maximize non-aero revenues using Airport Analytics

What is the buzz about Advertising?

Airports drive revenues from number of activities, one of which is sales of advertising spaces inside and outside of terminals. While passing through an airport of any size, anywhere in the world, you will inevitably notice some kind of advertising at one point or another.

Advertisers have come up with several new, innovative ways to creatively use available space to communicate specific messages Airports are keen on allowing companies to showcase their products and services in more creative ways. Rather than using traditional, static or digital media formats, companies are interested in providing passengers with a chance to experience and interact with a product or a service. Special events, branded spaces, and sponsored areas amenities not only drive non-aeronautical revenues, but also give airports a chance to create a social buzz, reduce cost, improve passenger experience, and provide entertainment in a highly stressful environment.

Nonetheless, it seems that a major part of smaller, regional airports cannot see the potential of such strategy when it comes to offering their terminal spaces to advertisers.

Changing the way airports think about terminal space intended for advertisement seems crucial. A relatively small number of airports have changed their relationships with advertisers and decided to go a step further; creating meaningful and valuable partnerships with brands can help airports in number of ways.

approaches to boost non-aero revenues through advertising

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