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Increase non-aero revenue through optimizations of retail space, car park and rentals
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Overview – Airport Commercial Analytics

AA+ Airport Commercial Analytics module is concerned with Non-Aeronautical revenues at the airport. Non-aero revenues drive profitability of airports and hence are very critical to the business. GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics (AA+) Airport Commercial Analytics consisting of dashboards, reports, analytics, statistical models spanning across areas including retail stores, duty-free shops, food & beverage, real estate management and car park utilization. Airport Analytics (AA+) Commercial module has following sub-modules:

Retail – DFS (Duty Free Shopping Analytics)
Retail – Non DFS (Non Duty Free Shopping Analytics)
Real Estate & Contracts
Airport Car Parking Analytics
Airport Retail Sales Benchmarking

Airport Analytics (AA+) - Revenue Scoreboard
Airport Analytics (AA+) - Retail Sales Dashboard
Airport Commercial Analytics
Airport Commercial Analytics

Duty-Free Shopping (DFS) Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) solution is a very detailed and exhaustive analysis of the DFS retail business in the terminals linking the passenger movements inside the terminal vis-a-vis flight timings is essential to get a complete insight into the pattern and behaviour of passengers passing through the airport. Following are the key insights from this module:

Airline-wise, flight-wise revenue analysis
Terminal-wise, store-wise sales analytics
Comparison of stores’ performance
Product category wise sales analytics
Revenue analysis by flight-gate combinations
Revenue analysis by traveler destination

Non Duty-Free Shopping Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) solution provides sales analytics for the non-DFS stores, the key insights include the following:

Sales growth and variance against plan
Terminal-wise, store-wise sales analytics
Sales by top categories, stores
Insightful KPIs like sales per sqm, sales per person, month-on-month sales

Benchmark your Retail Sales Against Peer Airports

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Car Parking Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) Solution offers detailed analyses on car parking in terms of occupancy of different types of vehicles parked for varied durations in several parking lots. The key analyses include the following

Occupancy patterns & peak demand
Car Park Analysis & Reporting
Revenue generated by each day of the week of any season
Inputs to arrive at prices to be fixed for long term and short term    durations
Debt Ratio
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio

Utilities Analytics

Airport Analytics (AA+) offers utility analytics including power and water analytics. The analyses include:

Period-wise comparison of consumption
Top 5 consumers of utilities
Terminal wise consumption with per unit area metric
Monthly trend of consumption

Track and analyze your contract payables, receivables, expiry dates, renewal notices

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